Monday, October 23, 2006

Its that time

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pittsburgh warm up
We played the Unicorn Mountain show in Pittsburgh this past Saturday night. Unicorn Mountain is an awesome art/music magazine based in Pittsburgh. Their second edition came out over the summer (I had done a few illustrations for an article written by Kid Millions of Oneida). It looks fantastic and has a great compiliation CD that comes with it.

So we leave ridiculously late. I think we actually drove away at 4:00 pm. Breck was at the wheel, so I could eat my breakfast/lunch. I actually fell asleep for a few minutes. I had slept around 3 hours Thursday night and 3 hours Friday and was totally wrecked.

I woke up when I heard the words, "Is this the right road? It doesn't look right?"

Jesus Freaking Jesus.

We have been to Pittsburgh about 10 times in the last few years. Somehow, not one of my bandmates could figure out that Route 70 West takes us to Breezewood every time we drive. We were about 20 miles down Rt 15 before anyone thought there was a problem.

We took a lovely side road to return to 70 and passed Catoctin Mountain State Park. I was wondering if they could leave me there. That would have been nice. So many pretty yellow leaves.

Erick had to piss. Bad. We pulled over and he peed in a giant open farm field. Ha ha.

We got to Pittsburgh around 8:30 and were playing by 9:00. Apparently Black Moth Super Rainbow, from Pittsburgh, had a manager who bullied the guy running the show. He INSISTED that they play next to Zombi for some reason. Like the show mattered. Like playing next to Zombi would get them somewhere. Another ha ha.

Playing the new songs was actually a total blast. Thank GOD my two keyboard set-up worked. Two keyboards, new pedal board, new mixer, new splitter, and about 15 chords...some many places that things could go wrong. I pictured Erick actually exploding if something didn't work. Crisis averted when the sounds emerged appropriately. (I can guarantee at least once on this tour, I will not be able to figure out where the silence is coming from). I started the set reading a poem from ghosts. I don't think people listened. Do tap in next time. There is wisdom in those words.

Our set was over quick and I was fucking deaf. We hung out for the rest of the show and afterward, went to Paul Quattrone's (Modey Lemon) house for Mexican food. I actually ate some and felt sicker than shit. I had planned on partying till 5 am and was laying on Paul's couch by 2:00 am. Last time I try to eat Farmer Cheese at 1:00 am. The highlight of the night was Kirker was out of his freaking mind. I love displays of PASSION! Good to see Anders as well. And always, always, good to see Phil and the rest of the Pittsburgh crew.

So we leave in a day and a half. I haven't taken care of ANYTHING. I have a job to quit. I have bills to pay. Laundry. All sorts of lame pre-tour crap. Haven't done ANYTHING.


It was a mellow Sunday and a mellow drive home.


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