Saturday, July 09, 2005

San Francisco, 12 Galaxies (6/29)

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We get up somewhat early to leave for San Francisco. Again, the accuracy of our directions is being hotly debated by Paul. Jeff guides us to a business district so we can find food. I want to cry with relief when I see there is a Trader Joe's on this block. I can buy enough salads for the day and know the precise nutritional breakdown of each one. I am certain this is going to guarantee that our show tonight will be awesome.

As soon as we hit Interstate Route 5, we almost wreck, badly. An 18 wheeler in the right lane next to us doesn't see us and almost slams into us. Paul swerves to avoid the truck and we are almost struck by a BMW in the left lane. Again, another swerve. The noises are so loud, I think we hit the BMW. Somehow, we hadn't. Paul's driving saves the day.

Its freaking hot. And R0ute 5 is disgusting. Its littered with factory farms and reeks of cow manure. Its also really hard on little vannie. When we pull off to get gas, the van spills ALL of its coolant. There is green liquid EVERYWHERE. Again, no heat gauge to give us any idea that this was going to happen but it was only a matter of time.

We drive over to a service station across the street. The attendant promises that if we let the vehicle cool, poor in some radiator sealant, we will be good to go. I call my friend, Josh. He urges me to get the van checked out thoroughly before a 4 day holiday weekend. My bandmates ignore my foolish suggestion. Josh warns that a blown headgasket could end our little tour. I just hope we make it to San Francisco. I buy a container of cottage cheese and sit in the heat while we pour fluids into the van. Flies buzz around my head. They want cottage cheese, too.

We arrive safely enough and load in. The soundman is our friend from home, Phil of Trans Am. We are so happy that he will be doing sound. We have a soundcheck and my spirits are high. We are soon reacquainted with our dear friends and labelmates, the Gris Gris. Our friend, Debbie, ( arrives and we go in search of food. Young George comes with us. He is 16, the son of a friend of David. Young George is a talent waiting to explode. Already, he is in bands, making movies, courting record label execs. We are going to say he is our roadie, or our brother, so we can sneak him in as a favor to David.

I want Vietnamese food. We find it. I eat quick and rush back to the club. I want to see Dave KazNelson. He is already there.

Genghis Khan rock pretty hard. So do Time Flys. I catch up with the San Fran gang. Hang out with Lars and Oscar from Gris Gris, friends from home, Dave, Todd (our booking agent).
I see Paul. He looks sleepy. Erick makes him drink a red bull.

We play. Its sloppy but its sure sounds good (thanks Phil!!!!) on stage. After the show I run around sipping wine and talking with people. At some point, I am so damn hungry, I run over to a convenience store still wearing my costume and buy a bag of Baked Lays potato chips.
Gris Gris play. They kill it. Their original drummer, Joe, is back and it warms our hearts to see him.

I run up to the dressing room to change clothes. There are two people bent over on a coffee table and white powder goes flying when I walk in. They start talking a mile a minute. Little Care I.

As the night comes to a close, we must decide where to crash. Oscar wants us to come to Oakland and stay with Gris Gris. I don't think I should drive out there. We stay right around the corner with our friend, Michelle, who does the rock mag, Panache. She used to book our Humboldt County shows and now she books Japanese Bands. She is a wonderful person and stays with her boyfriend so we can have her bed. We talk with her till 4:30 am and she actually gets up early to put money in out van meter for us. Paul has gone to Oakland with Gris Gris.

In the morning, we go have lunch with our friends Debbie and Michelle and then head out of South San Francisco to the Birdman Headquarters. Paul takes BART and meets us there. Today we are heading east and it feels like that last place I want to go. I suspect that Vannie doesn't want to go east either.


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