Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Smooth load in at the 7th Street Entry (psyched because its attached to First Avenue, where Prince used to play.) We have a good sound check courtesy of Matt and then I wonder who the hell is coming to this show. Last time we played Minneapolis, it was a Friday night with 3 awesome bands on the bill in a famous club and there were 15 people present. Now it’s a small club on a Monday night with us and a local opener. Erick and I rush off to find food after the sound check and go to a pizza place with lots of vegan options. After the show we walk around. The air feels cool and great. We go to Panera for some free wireless. I’m pretty convinced that all the employees had developmental disabilities and most of the people in the store had physical or mental disabilities. The girl taking people’s orders kept helping customers figure out what they were in the mood for.

“Do you feel like something sweet or sandwhich-y? Chocolaty or cakie?”, she inquires and attempts to delicately tease out people’s innermost desires as to maximize their Panera eating satisfaction. I wonder if this dialogue is in the cashier’s traning manual. It wouldn’t surprise me.

On the way back to the club a disheveled guy who was probably on methamphetamine addict, begins screaming at me from the across the street.

“Angel! Angel! Come back, Angel! Don’t leave Angel!”

I’ve been called lots of things. Never have I been called Angel.

We wander back to the club. There are a few staff members standing on the street. I ask the soundman if he has any ideas about good people we might be able to crash with. He turns to a tall fellow on his right, who has a closely shaven moehawk. He introduces me to Sean and tells me Sean has pretty good connections. Sean asks my last name. I instantly think, “Uh –oh, I wonder if he’ll know I’m Jewish.” He just tells me he’ll make some calls and to check with him after the show.

I go back outside. Erick is on the phone and he pointing to something on the ground under his foot. He wants me to pick it up. Heavens to Betsy! Lil Rickie found a bag of greens. Its very seedy.

The opening band, Passions, plays. They are really fun to watch. Apes go on next. The 15 or so people in the crowd seem to have a great time with us and its our best night for merch sales yet. We meet Sean D who asks us to dedicate a song to his girlfriend, Mandy, when we are in Fargo the next day. Then Sean comes back and hands me two Ramada key cards and a parking pass. Wow!I am so thankful to him. How awesome is it, when someone who you’ve never met, gets you a hotel room. Again, Sean, many many thanks. I do a shot with him and drive us over to the Ramada.

We check in and then I go out to the van to get my canned goods. On my way back in, two men dressed in professional attire ask if I know a place where we can get a drink. I tell them that I don't know many bars that serve at 3:00 am on a Monday night in Minneapolis.

As usual, I don't sleep much. I get up for good around 9. There is a pool here and I intend to use it. Its pretty scummy and the only other person near is vacuuming it. I do some laps but I’m so cold, its almost unbearable. In the next room, I hear a man discussing food borne bacteria and after I dress, I infiltrate the Listeria Conference. I sit and drink their coffee and listen to the discussions on several species of food borne bacteria. The discussion on how they impact the human body is exhilirating! It’s a perfect morning.


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