Monday, February 11, 2008

What the hell are you doing???

posted by Majestic Ape at 10:36 PM

Tonight is the last night that I will sleep in my bed for a while. There are many pre-departure activities that are on my list of things to do before take off. Because I can't find a duffle bag, I seem unable to do anything else. I spent the afternoon at Goodwill, trying to find a warm jacket. I found a decent ski jacket for seven bucks. The only drawback is the sky blue color is not really my tasts. Then I had an afternoon snack with a friend. When I finally made it back to my house in the city, it was 6pm. And I simply had to go for a run, even though it was well below freezing. And while I am normally limited to 30 minute runs, tonight I felt the need to keep going and going and going.

And then when I finally got home, Erick came over to use my exercise machine (the Gazelle glider, quite freaky)and distracted me with bullshit talk till almost 9pm. Then I was on the phone with a friend for another 30 minutes (I do not like the phone). While speaking, I discovered that Itunes publishes TONS of university lectures and classes, free for the taking. How cool is that? I downloaded a few educational morsels to listen to while driving. Gotta make the internet work for me.

Good golly, Miss Molly, now its 10:45 pm. Clothes are scattered all over the bedroom. I think I need a man handler for the next trip. This is ridiculous.

I tried to sell merch to my algebra and geometry students all day long. The little girls bought mostly t-shirts. Why would you buy the shirt and not the record? Kids these days.


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