Thursday, February 14, 2008

It gets interesting quite quickly

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Wednesday morning, around 9:00 am, I heard Breck's phone ring. I think that I thought it was an alarm clock. Then I thought that it was set because everyone wanted me to wake up and shower first. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. At 10:30, I woke up Erick. Breck and Jeff had showered the night before and I thought Erick would want to shower. How wrong I was.

He was in a deep sleep and was quite perturbed.

The day only got better from there. The ice from yesterday had turned into torrential rains. There were mini floods are all over the place. Thick fog prevented me from seeing ANYTHING again. But we got to Philly safely and headed to Breck's sister's house.

The show itself was at a fancy diner. Everyone was annoyed that they were not providing food. We were simply getting a 20% discount. The first band was three girls and a drummer. Two of the girls were singing and dancing in a cheerleader spirit.

When we went on, things started promising. I was beginning to believe this might turn into our first good philly show ever. But then my whole rig almost fell right off the stage. After that, my Korg fell off the upper tier of my keyboard stand 4 times. I still tried to focus on playing but the rocking out part was brought to a minimal level.

After the show we hung out with friends for a while and then began the journey back to Bianca's. We stopped at 7-11 and that's when I discovered my wallet was gone. Actually I don't use a wallet. I use a pencil case for money and cards. But it was gone. So the last 10 hours have been looking through my bags, searching the van, returning to the club, and cancelling everything. Now I will look forward to a tour with no ID/driver's license. Clubs love to ID band members. This wouldn't be a problem if I looked my age. I get mistaken for a students constantly when I am teaching. People walk into the classroom and say "Where is the teacher?", I am pipe up its me. I get funny looks.

And my bandmates don't believe that it is really gone. They think I stuck it in a bag other than my backpack. Who knows.

Well, now since I have no money, I will be engaging in plenty of sex and drugs so here's where the tale will finally get interesting. If you are under 18, you are ousted.


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