Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh Brother Do We Have Fun

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The last time I actually wrote and told a story, I believe I had promised to report on a running accident. It wasn't that interesting. I was alone in the woods at 6 am, last summer, running on a trail that wasn't quite a trail, tripped on rocks, sliced my leg up, and dragged my sorry ass home, bleeding like a bitch.

Then I got in the car, drove myself to camp with a gaping leaking wound and dragged the lame leg in behind me. The camp nurse came to my classroom to give me an epi-pen trainer around 9 am (to give to children with bee sting and peanut allergies in case of anaphylactic shock), and looked at my leg at said, "Umm, would you please step out of the room?"

"You need medical attention," says middle-aged short haired, whistle adorned campish woman figure. "That would needs stitches. Its longer than an inch, deeper, and hanging open."

Although I don't like being told what to do, I have learned to quiet all reactions and simply smile and say thank you for the concern.

"Do you have a band aid?" I inquired. "Or better yet, do you have a butterfly bandage?"

"I do, but you can't simply close that yourself, "retorts the gym coach.

Watch me, baby.

Several hours later, after the orthopedist gave me the thumbs up on my home-done wound closure, I proudly, and stiff-leggedly went limping back to the computer lab.

I saw Nurse No Neck.

"How many stitches?" she wanted to know.

"None, he said I had taken care of it. What I waste of 5 bucks for a co-pay."

I realize that wasn't really worth a blog post or a story but I said I was going to write about it, so I figured its better to keep your word that fail people over and over and over again. Not that anyone was waiting at the edge of their seat for that crappy tale of a cut knee.

No connection to music. No connection to Apes. It would be several months later, in October when we would hit the road again.

I can't even remember anything that happened on that trip.

I'll go look at the dates. I am sure something happpened. Something always happens.


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