Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oct 31, Making the record

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We leave Fran’s apartment in the MIT dorms by 9 am on the morning of Halloween. We are heading to Brooklyn, NYC because today we are going to begin tracking for the next Apes album. We are recording with Joshua Ryan and Eric Emm of The Brothers Studio, located in the neighborhood of Greenpoint. I am driving and everyone falls back asleep as soon as we are on the highway. I stepped on my headphones right before we left town, so I am listening to my I-pod with one ear-bud.

We get to the studio around 2 and load in. I usually do okay with the sleep deprivation but today I feel like crap. It’s not what I would hope for on the day we start recording but it is what it is, and I’m going to do my best no matter what. All we want to do is make a great record. The Brothers set a very positive tone and another friend, Paul Manley (soundman extraordinaire) is here to help as well. We are amongst a solid team.

Set-up doesn’t take that long and I think maybe by 4pm, we have decent drum sounds. We start tracking and just keep going. There are a few brakes for food, urination, and coffee. Jayme brings Kombucha around 6 and I am pretty dizzy for a while.

By 11:20, we have done all 12 songs. I think we are all pretty freaking pleased. Erick and I will probably re-do lots of our tracks and will use a bunch of different amps and things like that, but the drums are done. We will still do all the vocals as well.

The only thing we haven’t really done well today is make proper arrangements for a place to stay. I thought we were going to stay with our friends, Matt and Laurie, but late in the evening, Jayme spoke to Laurie. Apparently she was starting a new job in the morning, and had to go to bed very early. They needed us to arrive by 11 pm if we were going to stay with them. I knew we would be working past 11.

We started needling the brothers. Could we just stay in the studio? Plenty of floor space? We could sleep in the kitchen? In the tracking room? In the bathroom? This is Eric’s apartment as well and it was really not cool of us to ask so late at night. They saved us and let us crash here.

After they packed up for the night and took off, Jeff set connected the laptop to their television and started the movies rolling. Erick Jackson and I started fighting over the bed. I didn’t have the energy and I also recognized it was my turn to give it up. I took my sleeping bag and went in the tracking room. With the door closed and light off, it was so dark that I couldn’t see my hands in front of my face. I thought that would be a good thing. Maybe I would sleep.

Well, its 7 something in the morning, on Nov 1. I barely slept. I’m not going to whine about how I feel physically. I just feel badly that I am not close to 100% for the band. We are still working on the record today and we are playing one of our CMJ showcases tonight at the Knitting Factory. I am still sitting on the floor in the tracking room. I think I should go take a walk since I haven’t been outside since 4 o’clock yesterday and haven’t really seen sunlight since then either. I should crack some jokes for this stupid dairy. The only shit that I can think of that is funny is way too horrible to put in writing. Sorry.


Anonymous Lori, aka Laurie, said...

Oh, no! I had no idea this would result in negative press! So sorry, it was just terrible timing & lack of communication. We'll make it up to you Friday. Our casa is Ape casa.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mandy, you love it, the sleeplessness, the misery, the fights, the everything. don't go changin, cdawg

8:26 AM  

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