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Nov 8, part 2, and some violence

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Nov 8 continued.

The show started pretty late. The opening band, SIDS, was excellent. Our close friend, Josh, from Deerhunter, was playing bass. They had set up on the floor so our equipment was ready to go. All we had to do was change into our costumes are play. Like always, I go on stage first, wearing my ski mask, sunglasses, little red outfit, with the vocal effect box rolling. I am in my favorite pre-op transsexual voice mode. I start talking to the audience. Within seconds, a man in the front row shouts, “Bitch!” at me.

I ignore him and keep talking to people.

He shouts again, “Bitch!”

My first reaction is to kick him in the teeth. He is older, with grey hair, and I know I can take him.

I change the topic of my speech.

“You don’t have to be a mean angry little man. You can feel safe here! We won’t hurt you!”

He gives me the finger.

“Fuck your schtick! Bitch!”

I totally ignore him and I wonder why he isn’t getting kicked out.

My friend, Bradford, from Deerhunter (I love Bradford dearly), yells at the guy, “Shut up, dude! Knock it off!”

Breck’s mom is in the audience. This is pretty horrible. I know this isn’t going to end well.

I finish talking quickly. My bandmates come out and we start to play. I am totally disturbed. I can’t really concentrate on playing. The guy is now calling Breck a nigger. He begins swatting at Breck with a cowboy hat. Breck raises his arm like he is gonna punch him and signals to the sound man. The management drags the man out, kicking and screaming. We finish playing and it ends up being a solid performance.

As soon as the show is over, a man walks up to me and says, “Have you seen a black cowboy hat?” I wonder if he is referring to the hat that was hitting Breck a few minutes ago. I don’t see the hat but I assure him, if I find one, I’ll give it to him. The hat is sitting in the little dressing area. I go find the guy. He sings my praises! And then he starts apologizing in a heavy southern drawl.

“I’m so sorry about my friend. He’s a good guy but whenever he gets drunk and stops taking his medication, he gets real weird. He’s not a bad guy, he’s a teacher,” he informs me.

His buddy walks over and starts talking.

“I can tell you are in bad mood,” he tells his friend. “Its because you voted republican!”

Man with black hat, “I have to vote republican! I’m a contractor. The republicans are defendin’ my intruss!” The Republicans aren’t defending his interests.

They start arguing. I slip away, change clothes, and put up my hood. I find Bradford. We sit and talk for a long time. He tells me stories of his tour with Liars in Europe and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in the states.

The night has a weird feel. People here are just kind of aggressive. It was like this the last time we played Atlanta. During the middle of the Slits’ set, the original heckler sneaks back in by the door in the rear. I see him walk right by me. I hear later that the guy was dragged out and beaten to a pulp in the parking lot.

Later, I sit alone in the van. Its 2 am and I’m sleepy. I watch a man with a green hat wash cars. He is trying to get people to pay him to wash their cars.

The first attempt goes like this. Drunken white man emerges from the club and doesn’t want his car washed. “FUCK YOU! GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE!”

I just close my eyes.

I wonder what the delay is for load out. Apparently, the club tried to short The Slits some money. They tried to withhold $1000.00.

Eventually we get to drive back to Breck’s mom’s house. They boys stop at Kripsy Kreme. Jeff wants two glazed. Breck orders a dozen.

This is another night with a bed.

In the morning, Breck’s mom gives me an amazing massage. The sun is shining and we have a 2 hour drive to Birmingham, AL. I have received word that super-fan, Mike B, will be at the show tonight.

See you there.


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