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Nov 3 and 4

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Nov 3.

I started tracking early today and everyone left the studio except Josh and Eric. I worked for a few hours. I was having a blast with Josh and Eric. They make recording very mellow and very fun. Additionally, they seem to really care about your music and have great suggestions for additions to complement and improve what’s already there. I HIGHLY recommend The Brothers Studio for your recording needs. I never thought I would like recording in NYC. How wrong I was.

The crew returned from a long breakfast around 1 and Breck did vocals for most of the afternoon. My friend, Tim, came to visit and he showed the guys a website called Second Life. It’s supposedly some kind of pretend internet world where people create avatars and basically develop a whole second reality for themselves. They make houses, have money systems, and get jobs. I don’t know much more than that as I have not experienced this.

Later that afternoon Erick J. asked this question, “Do you think there are actually girls on this website?”

Josh Ryan answered, “Yes, The internet is no longer just for old fat child molesters.”

We were supposed to play a warehouse show in Brooklyn that night with 10 bands. I had no desire whatsoever to play any show with a 10 band bill. All day, I pushed Erick to cancel, as we were starting to be pretty behind on the record and we were running out of time. Todd P., the promoter, announced at the last minute that the venue was being changed and I thought that given the last minute changes, we would probably back out. We decided to keep recording right up until 8 and head over to the warehouse a little bit late. It was truly a warehouse. There were no real lights and I was surprised to see any kind of PA system. The inside of the room was freezing and there were 5 bands playing in the basement, and 5 upstairs. We set up on stage immediately since we were playing second out of 5 on the upstairs stage and the first performer was a performance artist who didn’t require much space. She was really interesting…I can’t remember her name…I’ll find out. I think it was Diggs, I know she’s from San Francisco.

We were playing next and there was a pretty decent crowd. Many of our friends were in attendance that hadn’t made it to the weeknight shows and I was really glad they were there. After our first song, Erick was shouting at Todd (the promoter) from stage because the whole right side of the PA wasn’t working. I told him to stop shouting and I think the PA speakers got fixed quickly. I think Todd was doing his absolute best to put on a good show. The rest of the set was smooth and pretty fun

When we finished playing, I started breaking down. It was quite dark and I couldn’t see my cords. I was pleasantly surprised when someone shined a flashlight on the stage for me. I turned around to thank the helper. It was the cops.

“Alright people, who is in charge here?”

Todd P. and the NYC police officers spoke for a few moments. A woman walked to the stage just as Genghis Tron was about to play.

She announced, “We are being shut down. Everyone needs to leave immediately. This show is being cancelled. You need to leave. NOW.”

No one really rushed toward the door. She repeated the statement several times and eventually people starting trickling out.

Todd then announced, “We are going to try to get the bigger bands to play over at our Ingrahm Street party. Don’t show up till 12:30 am though. You can still see some of these bands at the other party. I’m throwing 3 other parties tonight.”

As people started leaving, the police officers began to have a little fun. One officer got on stage and began playing air guitar and singing. Flash bulbs were going off. He was really hamming it up for the camera. They were really pleasant in general and I must admit, I was totally thrilled to get a chance for some decent sleep.

We loaded out and said goodbye to Genghis Tron. We were heading back to the Brothers studio for one more night of clean, comfortable accommodations.

I stopped on the way home to buy apples for Breck, to replace the ones I ate. Jeff wanted Mini-Oreos. He had to take the van later and go out on his own to find some. When he got back, they connected his laptop to the television and starting watching movies. I was so tired, I couldn’t even write my tour diary.

I fell asleep by 2am and was up at 7.

The pattern of recording every day and then going and playing a show every night, is turning out to be a great idea. Playing your songs live every night, after you have been recording them all day, reinforces so much about the music.

Nov 4.

Jeff and Jayme took the train home this morning, and I have to admit, less people in the studio, is much more efficient. Less distractions, less opinions. Having Jayme around was pretty great in many ways. It was nice that someone was willing to take pictures all week and shoot some video footage. Sadly, Jeff broke her camera, but not before she filmed him puking.

I went for a walk early this morning and took some random photographs of the Greenpoint neighborhood. I stopped in a bunch of Polish-owned stores. It was sunny out and it was great to have some exposure to daylight before immersing myself in the timeless brick walls of the studio. There aren’t really windows so you don’t exactly know what time of day it really is.

The first task of the day was finishing up keyboard tracks and then Breck did vocals for 3 more songs. Then I spent some time doing backup vocals. Once the basic tracks were done, I started to relax. We were heading into fun time territory. I got to do some backing vocals and then we started talking about overdubs.

The day ended with the ordering of Chinese food, and Josh preparing the tracks for us to take home and continue writing overdubs. We sat around discussing shoes, I-pods, women, sex, lack of sex, and Crispin Glover movies. The highly desirable soundman from DC, Mr. Paul M., stayed up until the bitter end. We were so grateful that he was willing to assist.

At the moment, I am sitting in the back of the van and Breck is driving. We are heading home. Tomorrow night we will play in DC. I am really proud of us right now. I know the record is far from done and we have plenty of opportunity now to junk it up, but we just did a damn good job of pounding out 12 songs, which I really love, in a very short period of time, whilst playing shows, every night. There were no major fights. No major diseases. No meltdowns. Everyone was open-minded and willing. I get sentimental in moments like these. If I had children, or a cat, or a partner, I might be sentimental about those things, but I don’t. I have this band. We have each other. We make records. We play shows. We make cool things. We tell stories. We make costumes. And I love us for doing this, even if its not easy on our lives.

The Brothers were awesome from start to finish. And this project has only just begun.

The tour isn’t over. I shouldn’t already be in this thoughtful mode. Its almost careless to start thinking like this. We have some deep south to cover. I’m sure this is when shit will get weird. Stay tuned.


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