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Nov 10

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Nov 10 Baton Rouge

The drive feels like it takes forever. We arrive at the Spanish Moon shortly after 8pm. The Slits are parked outside and most of them are sitting in the mini-van. We load in and store the equipment on the side of the stage. There is a band from Los Angeles opening the show tonight. I’m psyched. LA bands are so cool. There is a female vocalist who is playing a brightly-colored keytar. She is wearing tall, black lace-up moccasin boots. She has war paint under her eyes. The other three guys look like alt-country dudes. To me, it is an odd visual combination. I mean no disrespect.

We order food from the same Italian place that we ordered from on the Liars tour. We are all starving and I remember this place took quite a long time to deliver. We aren’t scheduled to play till 11:30 pm, so it’s not that big a deal. There should be enough time to digest.

There is a rather large lounge room for bands on the second floor of the club. Someone had previously told me that during the last major flood in Baton Rouge, all of the dead bodies were stored in this room as it’s the highest point in town. Eventually Slits and Apes make their way up to the dressing room. Lots of meaningful and fascinating discussions begin. One of the Slits is very concerned about being in Texas on Veterans’ Day. I assure her that Austin is an oasis in the desert and she will be very safe there. We watch a show on the Discovery Channel about a trapped rock climber. Several insights are offered to the trapped climber on how he should escape. He doesn’t listen.

When the food arrives, there is a touch of chaos. There is lots of confusion surrounding whose meal is where and who ordered what. After dinner, Tessa, the original Slits bass player, offers to perform reflexology on my feet. She works on alcoholics in the UK and she thinks reflexology might help some of my sleep problems. She doesn’t have a proper table or oils but we set up a little chair system. I have lots of little lotion samples from a hippy grocery store in South Carolina.

After her fancy footwork, I feel so relaxed and sleepy that I have no idea how I am going to play. My legs are rubbery and then I start to feel nausea. It passes.

We set up, change clothes, and play. The levels are pretty good but the keys on my little Korg are sticking and making some really horrible sounds. Oh well. Afterward we talk to Karlee, the girl who hosted us on the Liars tour. She offers to let us stay with her again. Somehow the Slits don’t get on stage till 1:00 am and we don’t leave the club till 2:30. On my last visit to the bathroom, I find a girl slumped on the floor with her head in her hands. I don’t even try to talk to her. I just tell the guy at the door. He says, “Jesus Christ. Why do they always do this?” She is the last patron in the club.

It’s raining quite a bit. Karlee lives on the same street that she used to but she tells us her new apartment is a little smaller. It’s essentially an efficiency. Erick puts his mat down in the kitchen. Breck lays on the floor next to the closet. Jeff showers and goes out to the van. I just get in Karlee’s bed with her. If I sleep on the floor, I will be blocking the bathroom door and she has to be at work at 8 am. I wish Erick were going to the van. The poor little guy has been coughing and clearing his throat for days now. It’s hell to be sick on tour and I think he might have been feverish today.

In the morning, we go to the diner where Karlee works. We have to return her keys and we had planned on eating at the diner. However, there is an LSU game today and the place is packed with Tigers wearing purple and yellow. We hit the road. After about an hour, we stop at a Waffle House for breakfast. As we walk in, one of the waitresses is producing a loud, screechy, bizarre cackle. She repeats this cackle about every 40 seconds for the entire 30 minutes that we are in there. Wow. I want to photograph her for the tour diary but I’m afraid if I start a conversation with her, we will never get out ofhere.

While we drive to Austin, Jeff makes a list of our options for routes and stopping points for the 1500 mile drive home that begins tomorrow morning. We decide to drive 12 hours and 47 minutes tomorrow and stop in Nashville, TN. The following day we will drive 11 more hours. I consider calling my friend in Austin and asking him to bring me something that will enable us to drive straight for 25 hours but decide against this. It seems that would probably make the tour recovery time even longer.

My bandmates have big party plans for tonight. Stay tuned for the last exciting entry where I can guarantee--- nothing happens!


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