Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oct 30, Boston

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Oct 30.

I was up at 6:30 this morning. My body thought it was 7:30. I considered trying to sleep more but figured it wouldn’t happen. It was beautiful outside so I went running. We left DC around 9:30 and actually left Jeff’s house at 10:39, only 9 minutes after the agreed upon departure time. Apes! Back in Action! And this time, Jayme was with us, learning how to use her new video camera.

The weather was amazing. I drove till we got to Hartford, CT and gave up the wheel to Breck, mainly because I was feeling some nice knots forming in my butt muscles. I stopped at a rest stop and after we peed, I was leaning over a table, kicking my feet around (some weird attempt at a moving stretch?) and I look behind me, and there is Jayme, filming my butt stuck up in the air, kicking like a lunatic. We both start cackling.

When we get to Boston, we split up. Erick, Jayme, and Breck go get Chinese food. Jeff just leaves in his rushed nerdy walk, and I stand there alone in the dark for minute, thinking what I feel like doing. I’m not hungry. I don’t need anything. Time to wander. We are in a Russian neighborhood, so I go into some Russian groceries, Russian liquor stores, Russian clothing shops. Those imports are expensive! Last stop, Subway, for a salad. MMMmmmm….Betcha want some iceberg lettuce right now. Erick calls me moments later to do load-in.

After load-in, we set up the equipment on stage. Erick wants a sound check and I think he is trying to do it before The Slits arrive. We are still setting up when they walk in. Ari wants to go eat but I think the rest of The Slits are ready to sound check. I’m kind of embarrassed that we proceed with our sound check. Icky. When the Slits finally sound check, Ari goes to sleep on the bar.

After we finish, I go outside to call my grandfather. He is 88 and lives in an assisted living facility in South Florida. I am the only grandchild that calls him and it’s a real treat because he is deaf and I hate to shout. I go sit on some basement steps to make the call. It’s sort of out of the way of the club but people are still walking by as the shouting begins. He wants The Apes to record classic love songs from the 20’s and will often suggest marketing schemes. He also wants us to re-name ourselves, “The Apes, featuring Amanda Kleinman on organ”. He tells me this once a week. Then he complains about his depression, his aches and pains, his troubled girlfriend (he got the hottest chick in the facility to date him, rascal and all) and gives me the death report. There is at least one death to report every week. People in his age group drop like flies.

After that, he puts his cat on the phone and wants me to talk to him. I’m not kidding. So I’m sitting outside the club shouting, “Hi Damon! Hi kitty! Who’s a good kitty?” My grandfather refers to the cat as ‘pussy boy’ and also likes when I call him that. Just in case this is the last time we ever speak, I appease him.

I shout, “Hi Pussy Boy!”

There are 3 bands before us. I can’t find my ski mask. I improvise. We play. The set is solid—messy but solid. Good sounds and a great soundman.

The Slits play a long set. Ari does some solo free-stylin’ dancehall singing. It’s pretty awesome. The woman knows how to own a crowd.

There is one young guy who follows me around a great deal and asks me bizarre questions all night. When I am packing my gear at the end of the night, he gets so close to me, I can feel his body heat.

I keep saying, “Excuse me, can you give me some space?”

He says, “What college do you go to?”

I say, “I went to college a long time ago.”

He says, “Did you like it?”

I say, “I need to pack.”

“Did you learn a lot in college? Did you take piano lessons? Do you think I could learn how to play piano? Are you that girl from The Apes? Did I talk to you earlier?

This continues until I say firmly, “You need to go home.” He disappears.

We are staying at the dorms in M.I.T. Our friend, Fran, is in the doctoral program for Urban Planning and she is a Resident Assistant. We are very excited to sleep amongst such smart children.

Its not much sleep because we have to get up freaking early to do to NYC and start recording.

Erick and I battle about the futon. I win. I don’t sleep anyway and wander the dorms halls as soon as everyone falls asleep.


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