Friday, January 27, 2006

Handbuch der Musikgeschichte

posted by Majestic Ape at 1:43 PM

Majestic Ape speaks:

I am a teacher again. 4 hours a day. I am teaching in a middle school, 2 math classes and one section of biology. I will wait to tell the rest of the tales of the last exploits of the road (Nov and Dec Apes/Mod tour 2005) as I know my students love the apes website and for now, its best the two worlds don't mix. I know you understand.

At present, Apes are heavily in writing mode. Jackie Majik and I are jamming most evenings and after dark, I wander the city alone. While I wander, I meet strange and interesting characters that sometimes provide interesting conversation and occasionally add wisdom to otherwise uniwse days. There is one particular person that I met this week that stands out. This is a person that I may meet again and if there are things worth sharing, I may mention them again in this forum.

I met him on the Calvert Street Bridge when I was wandering late Tuesday night and he stopped me because I was wearing a red ski mask. Usually I wear the ski mask so people won't talk to me but I guess he was intrigued. I noticed him because of really doesn't this point I'd rather keep his physical deformities out of the discussion....

6th period bell just rang, I have to stop hiding in the music supply closet...more to come..


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