Saturday, July 09, 2005

San Francisco Show-- Thee Parkside (6/27)

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The drive from Arcata to San Francisco is terrifying. We have done this drive many times and for some reason, Paul is always at the wheel. The road is mountainous, curvy, and there are abundant warnings to limit speed on the dangerous curves. For some reason, Paul doesn't regard the speed limits. He also ignores the picture symbol "tip" warnings. He goes so fast around the mountain curves, he sometimes holds onto the door to brace himself. The air is pungent with the smell of burning brake pads. I want to sleep because I am so tired. The heat, the smell of the burning brakes, and the fear of missing the van going flying off mountain drop-offs keep me wide awake (not to mention the exhaust fumes from the missing tail pipe).

As we approach San Francisco, I start to get excited. We are going to be playing with Side on Sound and Replicator at Thee Parkside Cafe. Side on Sound is the band of Matthew Johnson. Matthew is a main man at Birdman Records and we talk to him daily. We consider him a true friend as well as a music colleague. Also, we've played with Replicator several times before and are looking forward to seeing our buddy, Conan.

We arrive at the venue. Its rainy and cold. No coffee shops. Nowhere to walk. I don't like the bar food menu. No salads. No vegetable based meals. All excitement-- gone. Side on Sound fellows arrive. We start drinking. Or they start drinking and I sip red wine and bar coffee. I call Dave Kaznelson (owner of Birdman and a very valued friend) to inquire as to his arrival time. I know seeing him will make me happy. He doesn't answer. I know he has only returned from Glastonberry music festival that day. I leave him a message.

Side on Sound play. They are pretty entertaining. Their vocalist is a hoot and a holler and we enjoy their songs quite a bit. Most of them are getting progressively drunker but we are just as entertained by the sober member.

I pee. Alot. Because I can.

Dave calls. He's not coming. He's too sick and tired from traveling. I'm so bummed but I understand. We will try to meet for breakfast.

Replicator plays. I change clothes in the van. Then we play to a modest group of people. I think the show goes well though and the people that are present, respond positively. We meet BlackBlondeApe. He has been emailing for quite some time. He is a true believer in music and talking to him raises my spirits considerably. He promises me that in 2007, APES will be understood by the general public. Sooner or later, you have to believe in something. That night, I believe in Alan (BlackBlondeApe).

We pack up and Alexa (Matthew's girlfriend) jumps in the van with us. She is guiding us back to Matthew's apartment where we are crashing. She picks the route with the least amount of hills because poor vannie isn't doing so well. We barely made it up some of those hills coming into town.

Matthew's apartment is beautiful and clean. Alexa makes fried egg sandwhiches for Erick and I. I eat about half a loaf of his sour dough bread (no corn syrup). Sorry Matthew!!! We watch the Flaming Lips movie. I keep having to run into the hallway to fart because its a small apartment.

I sleep on the wood floor. Bony bodies and wood floors are a very bad combination but I don't complain because there are no fleas.

Jeff sleeps in Matthew's closet. Paul sleeps in the kitchen.

I am wide awake at 7 am when I get a text message from Dave. He's awake and wants to go to breakfast. I feel like I have to try to sleep a little more. We will all meet for lunch. I eat a little more bread and put my bones back on the wood floor.


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