Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Phlegmatic Anecdote

posted by Jeff Ape at 6:12 PM

Since Amanda has been grossly lax in keeping this tour diary updated, I thought I'd relate a fun little tale from earlier in the tour.

About six days in, I awoke in Seattle with a bad cold and/or sinus infection (which is still lingering, albeit weakly, here on day 21). Two days later, I woke before everyone in Josh's (Rabbits) apartment in Portland nearly choking on phlegm, and with one eye sealed completely shut with yellow mucus. Stumbling into the bathroom, I first unsealed my eye, then proceeded to cough up a massive wad of dark, gunmetal gray phlegm into the sink.

Naturally it would not go down the drain, and in fact clogged the whole works. Steeling my resolve, I used some toilet paper to fish the glob out of the sink and toss it into the toilet, my gorge rising. As it sank, first to the bottom and then down an inch or two into the pipe, I realized that in my panicked revulsion, I'd grabbed not only the phlegm ball but also the removable drain thing out of Josh's sink. Deepening my grimace, I thrust my arm into the toilet up to the elbow to fish out the phlegm-slickened stopper and return it (after scraping out the mucus) to the sink. Mission accomplished.

The next day I couldn't open either eye until after I'd scrubbed the gunk out of them with angry knuckles.

And for the many who have seemingly been on the edge of their seats: We replaced our radiator and made it to the Salt Lake City show just in time to have one of our best performances (and our best merch night) of the tour.


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