Saturday, July 09, 2005

Los Angeles, Spaceland (6/28)

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I don't ever really fall asleep. When I get up, I think about jogging. I think about running. I don't do it though, my knees are about dead. Last night, my right knee gave out while we were playing, so I hopped on the left and now they are both swollen. I wish I had brought my food scale. I wish I had brought my body scale. I wish I had measuring cups. I picture myself swelling up to 200 pounds. Nothing I can do, so I do laundry.

After my shower, I get a message from George, the guy who does our radio promotion. He has arranged for us to do an interview at KXLU. Only stipulation is that we have to be there in about an hour. Erick, Paul, and I jump in the van, and we split. It takes us 35 minutes to go about 4 miles in the LA traffic and we bail. We call and cancel and go get coffee.

One of the kids we had met last night calls Erick. He offers us an all- ages show at the Knitting Factory for tonight, immediately after we finish our Spaceland set. We accept. Sure, we will do two shows in one night. We have scheduled a few other days like this so we may as well find out now how badly we will hurt when we do this.

Back at the house in the hills, Jeff sits outside and checks email. Paul talks on the phone. I work on tour diaries. Paul soon announces that he wants to go to Silverlake early to eat dinner before sound check and walk around the neighborhood. I seem to remember that there isn't really anything there to see and only one restaurant but I don't say anything. We stall for a bit and then drive over. There is lots of discussion about the accuracy of the directions provided by our mapping program, Streets and Trips. This program has been the saving grace of the Apes. We almost never get lost anymore. We don't have to rely on the complete and utter inadequacies of Mapquest and we don't have to call unreachable promoters to get random landmarks that don't exist. But still, these directions are sometimes debated and I'm never quite sure why.

Once we arrive in Silverlake, Erick and I start walking. The only thing around is the same Thai restaurant that we ate at last time we played here. We walk for a while and eventually find a Mexican Cafe. I order a coffee. I'm given a large cup containing 6 shots of espresso.

We walk back to the club. I'm still not ready to eat. Erick and I miss load-in. We watch the middle band, Preistess, soundcheck. They have drive from Montreal for this one show. Its an industry show and promises to be gross. I really do like Preistess though, and enjoy their music. I talk to Vince the drummer. We have the same black suitcase for our geat. These guys are talented and can play like nobody's business.

I go sit in the van. A blond guy who slightly resembles Phillip Seymour Hoffman appears at the door of the van.

"Hi..I'm...I'm the biggest Ape fan from DC. I live in L.A. now."

"That's cool. Nice to meet you, " I say.

" I have an apartment right around the corner. You guys can come hang out there if you want. I know what its like to be on the road. If you need to take a shower, or whatever, that's totally cool."

"I appreciate the offer, but I showered this morning, so I'm just going to stick around here."

Our superfan tells us he is going to film the show. He has been in touch with the fellow who is making the Apes movie with us and he will send the footage to him.

I go in and watch more Priestess. After their set, I am in the tiny equipment room, trying to change clothes. There is a record company guy in the room drooling on the drummer.

"You guys are amazing! The real deal! True talents! I haven't seen drumming like that since John Bonham! Now, we have to work on your image though. It may be cool for you to just be who you are in Canada, but to make it big in America, we have to develop your image. You need to stand out. You need finesse."

I turn around in my sunglasses and ski mask. I smile at the music company exec. I smile big.

"You need to stand out like that!" he says excitedly and points to me. Whoa. I was hoping to scare him. Oops. Wrong reaction.

We go out and play. The room is suddenly very empty. No friends from the night before. Not even many record company people left around. Interesting. My body doesn't seem to want to move even though I want it to move. And we have one more show to play. I'm pretty certain I suck. We pack fast. As we drive away, the Knitting Factory kid calls. There was a problem at the Knitting Factory. No all ages show. I am overwhelmed with Sweet Relief! We drive over there because the kid wants to give us 40$ anyway. Its very much appreciated although we don't really deserve it. Jeff is very ill and I'm very tired so we go back to our lovely temporary home in Hollywood Hills. Everyone is asleep and I have no interest in food. I talk to Erick a little bit and lay down. I will lay here, even if I don't sleep. And that's what I do. I make up crazy stories in my head and repeat catch phrases over and over.

"Little Care I."

" I am quite sick of your ass face."


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