Saturday, July 09, 2005

Los Angeles, Cinespace, not a funny post (6/28)

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We all meet Dave at an Indian Restaurant for lunch. I'm so happy to see this guy its ridiculous. I don't know many many record labels foster the type of relationship that I feel we have with Dave but from the bottom of my heart, I love this guy and what he represents.

Lunch is a buffet. I do not like buffets. I put tiny little piles of food on my plate and eat very slowly. We hear the tales of debauchery from Glastonberry festival and then hear that we probably aren't going to Europe in the fall. I want to cry. I don't know where all the stinking emotion is coming from but its pissing me off. I am letting myself down. I still enjoy the meal though and we leave for Los Angeles at a pretty late hour. Once again, Paul is at the wheel. Again, I feel that vannie is getting more and more ill but our heat gauge is broken so its only the smells that give any indication.

There are more smells. Lots of them.

For our first Los Angeles show, we are playing at Cinespace. Cinespace is a movie theater and bar owned by Paul's friend from home, Dave Dickerson. Every Tuesday night, they have a dance and DJ night and feature one 'up and coming' band to play. We are pretty psyched for this show as we have lots of buddies in L.A. however there is another band on the bill playing before us and we won't get to soundcheck.

Cinespace is right on Hollywood Blvd. The venue is beautiful but Hollywood is so gross. It takes forever to find parking. Paul and I are almost ready to pay for a lot when we find something. We go back to the club and Erick and I go find food. We eat at some Thai restaurant across the street. Its okay but again, not enough vegetables. I'm pretty certain though that its corn syrup free. Erick wants to go visit our friend Jason who is making our video but I want to go to Cinespace and relax.

The first person I see is my friend Tim Eagan. I love this guy. He is hysterical and we shoot the shit for a while. He is a main writer for the Reality Show, Nanny 911, so we have lots to talk about. As a former nanny and a person who has formally studied the science of behavior change, I have lots to comment on child rearing.

I catch up with other friends and then go sit in the dressing room. This space is so clean and beautiful and so dramatically different than some of the little dive bars we have been in the last few days. Well. The first band, zZZ, plays. We have done lots of shows with them at this point and are well aware that they play longs sets and take a long time to break down as well. Apes play. I think its good. Maybe. The sound is pretty good. People are far away though and its movie theater style seating. We get lots of good feedback but I mostly talk to my friend, Tim. We are crashing at his house. He lives with some of friends in a beautiful house in Hollywood Hills that overlook Laurel Canyon. The neighborhood is called Mt. Olympus.

We pack up and head over to their house. I start eating. Chips mostly at first. The boys are all sitting around shooting the shit with Tim and his roommates. I sit on the futon in the same room. I don't watch TV. I don't talk to anyone. I feel a binge coming on and I have not one exit strategy in place. I can't find my blankey. No one to call.


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