Monday, July 11, 2005

Denver July 3, 2005

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We pull up at the Larimer Lounge. Its quiet on the street. I want to go for a quick walk but the pain in my knees shoots an arrow into my freedomquest. There's no time anyway. We were supposed to play our first set at 5:00 pm and its already 5:30 pm. I am bummed because we have missed the set of good friends, Orwellian Math Project. We load in and I go back to the van to grab my water bottle. When I re-emerge, a young red-haired lad with a thick piece of chain link around his neck is standing next to me. He is also sporting a black-hooded sweatshirt, torn black jeans, and several inky home-made appearing tatoos.

"How its going out there?" he inquires.

"It's alright," I respond.

"You want to do a few bumps?" he generously offers.

"What's your name?" I ask.


"Well P., I thank you for your generosity. I'll think about it." I imagine that our set would suffer if I snorted powdered dry wall or talcum or borax before our set.

We chat with very good and very supportive Denver friends-- Luke Sparkles, Sara T., Alisa, Jeremy, Mark, Justin. We've known some of these guys forever now. The sound man talks with us about what we need for sound (I can't remember his name but he was awesome!!! I will find out!) We play and have a blast. I run upstairs and stretch and then we enjoy some of the Larimer Lounge veggie burgers being grilled out on the patio.

Erick and I talk extensively with Jeremy from Orwellian Math Project and have a splendid time.

The evening crowd starts coming in around 9:00 pm and DJ action begins. The first two bands are pretty entertaining and the younger well-dressed crowd enjoys them quite a bit. There is a fantastic group of people present when we play and we have a great time. The sound man again has done a superior job.

More hang out time and then we are off to the house of Sara T. and Alisa. They have a beautiful house right outside the downtown area and we are graced with beds, futons, and aerobeds. They also have three dogs that are ridiculously cute. Gia stands out in my mind the most. I think she tries to get in the van with us when we were leaving. I always wanted a cat for the van but Gia is even smaller and I think she would appreciate the road more than a cat.

Thanks for the delicious breakfast!


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