Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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We arrive at our friends, Erik R. and Anthippy’s house at 1:30 am. We were in the van 15 hours today. Erik R. is thoughtful enough to take us in one day early and leaves the key under his doormat . We all have beds but Paul chooses to sleep on the floor. Jeff is getting quite ill with a cold and I think Paul is making a good choice to avoid close contact.

The room where Erick and I are staying is right across the hall from Erik and Anthippy. At 5 am, I get up to pee. When I come back, somehow, I’ve gotten locked out. I’m not sure if Erick locked me out because he’s mad at me (we were fighting intensely before we went to sleep) or if the door just latched. All I know is that he is wearing earplugs and I’ll have to really bang to wake him up. Shit! I’m only wearing a little tee shirt on and I’m cold on hot days. I go across the hall to the sewing room. I curl up on a firm decorative seat. There are cats everywhere mewing and the light is already streaming in. Another night of sleep, lost forever.

Erick gets up around 10, refreshed and happy. He hadn’t locked me out. The door just latched. I feel sick.

We relax at our friends’ house for a while and go looking for food and coffee. Erick and I walk around the Capitol Hill neighborhood. TONS of annoying over dressers, dread locks, hippy shorts, rasta pasta, the whole deal. Lots of dudes spare changing with crippled dogs. We call our friend Garret (ex-drummer of bands, ‘The Fluid’ and ‘Spell’, current drummer for Alta May) who lives a few blocks a way. He’s home with super- wife, Lily. We go over and hang out with them. It’s wonderful to see them.

They walk us to a Pho place and we have some excellent Vietnamese noodles and wander some more before going back to Rrik’s. Erik drives down to the club with us and he is in rare form. We are cracking up. This guys is so funny, it’s sick. He’s one of the few people who says things horrible enough to make me laugh out loud.

We unload. Already at the club are zZz, Dutch guys who we have played with several times this spring, and my friend Josh whose band Rabbits is playing tonight. Zzz are looking pretty healthy for having been on the road continuously for the last 5 weeks. Erick and I go with Josh and his band mates, Kevin and Seth, to get more Vietnamese noodles. They are just as good second time around.

Unfortunately, Rabbits has to start playing right at 9:30 and there aren’t many people around yet. They are pretty cool to watch and listen to. Josh has a giant PA speaker that he uses for a cab and the sounds that he produces with it are pretty unbelievable. Next is ZZZ who take a long time to sound check, play and break down. Apes play. The room is pretty full and there are lots of friends and people we admire amongst the crowd. We feel lots of love and rock in the room. The guys from the Makers, who are headlining, introduce themselves after the show. They are incredibly nice guys and are pretty entertaining to watch. After the show Rabbits and Apes go back to Erik’s house and we drink in the backyard till 4:00 am. Somehow, Rabbits safely drive back to a friends’ house to crash.

A few hours later, I get up to help Erik clean up because he had invited half the club over for brunch the night before. We go to trader Joe’s to get food and then they prepare the goods. I take pictures. Their friends arrive. ZZZ arrive. They slept in their van. I can’t picture how 3 giant Dutch guys fit in a van to sleep. They barely do, they explain. More photos. I leave my band for the first time ever and go to Portland a few hours early with Rabbits. When I run up the stairs to get my bag from the guest room, I nail myself in the ribs and right tit on the railing. Almost ripped that tiny boobie off! I think it would be funny if we have to cancel a show for ‘torn tit’.


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