Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Portland (6/25)

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The drive with Kevin, Seth, and Josh is mellow, comfortable, and the AC is refreshing. We listen to some Erik b. and Rakim. Its still good, 20 some years later. It’s very strange to not be in my van with my band. After arrival, we get some coffee and hippy food and chill for a bit before heading to Dante’s for the show.

Dante’s is a well decorated nightclub with a high stage, cocktail tables in front of the stage, and an active fire pit located just off the bar. Lots of tensions are expressed during sound check. Erick and I eat at New Good Day Chinese Restaurant. We eat some excellent vegetarian hot and sour soup and some beautiful Chinese broccoli. I hope this isn’t going to produce any sizable quantity of gas in my intestines. We go back to the club and sit outside for a few minutes before, and promptly at 9:30 pm, Rabbits goes on once again.

I must admit, they are even better with a good sound system. I can hear even more layers, awesome riffs, and scary vocals.

I change clothes in the basement dressing room. For some reason, it reeks of cat urine and there are duck feathers on the floor in the bathroom.

During our set, I am having all sorts of tantrums on the inside. I have decided I have no rhythm, no rock, my vocals suck, and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing up hear wearing red shit, deaf, and running in place.

When there are only two songs to go, I grab Paul’s whiskey and down the whole thing. I get some fire for the last two songs. Good enough.

Our booking agent, Leafy Green Todd, is in the house tonight and I go catch up with him and his awesome partner, Dema. Dema owns a clothing store in San Francisco and I talk to her about design and garment construction. The Makers go on, and once again, I’m thoroughly entertained. After the show, we hang out with everyone for a while before going back to Josh’s.

The next morning, Josh and I get up while my band mates sleep. We go get coffee and then visit the Portland Rose Garden. Its absolutely beautiful and I fear that I bore him to tears when I begin lecturing on the history of rose culture, propagation of various species, daily pruning and upkeep, and blah blah blah. I used to want to be a rose horticulturist. When I worked at a garden center in high school, I would steal rose bushes at the end of every weekend. I knew girls that shop lifted clothes from the mall. I stole rose bushes.


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