Sunday, June 19, 2005

mil-wacky (6/18/05)

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Tonight we played in Milwaukee.

Smooth, sunny, and breezy drive from Chicago. I drove and was proud of myself for seeing the mattress lying in the middle of the interstate before we ever got close to it. I didn't even have to swerve to avoid it. Shame we couldn't put it on the roof of the van and take it with us.

The bar was occupied by lots of big blonde people when we arrived. I was happy to note a supermarket AND a coffee shop in the strip mall across the street. The stage was located in the rear of the bar in a separate room. The walls were beautiful-- clean, new, wood and stone paneling of some sort.

After load in, we ordered food and I ran over to the supermarket.

Purchases: canned spinach, green beans, mustard, vinegar, baby food (carrots and squash), and simethicone.

The stage room was pretty dead when it was time for Apes to play. We didn't care. We played old songs and all of the Bobby Conn guys were right up front. I felt like we were a big happy family playing together and their enthusiasm was quite contagious. They showed the love when we finished.

Bobby Conn & the Glass Gypsies were spectacular.

After the show we were deciding who to bed down with. Two offers: the guy who thought it would be best if someone stayed in the van AND the girl who could provide some beds in a tool shed with no running water. We picked the guy.

As I followed him in his car back to his house, Jeff told me to follow the wrong red pontiac and we ended up losing him. I called the girl with tool shed. She answered.

G'night from the tool shed.


Anonymous Barry said...

Sleeping in a shed - SO rock 'n' roll! ;-)

Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Fflint Central


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