Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lansing, MI (this is a back entry)

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We play at a little club near a highway underpass. This is our first show with Bobby Conn. We meet Mark, Colby, Abraham, and Bobby. They are wonderful people. At the moment, they are stressed because their bass player and violininst are far away and will probably miss the show.

They play anyway and a girl from the audience fills in on tambourine. I can tell how talented these people are and I am thoroughly entertained even with some of their band missing. Apes play. Organ problems. Bad cable somewhere. Not fun. People rescue me though, handing me cables till I have enough that work till my systems are operable.

Hard Lessons go on after us. They are local favs from Detroit and we are glad to be sharing the stage with them again. I draw a portrait of Auggie, the guitarist, after the show. However, while they play, I can't stop eating free popcorn. At 2:30 am, we go to the home of the promoter, Mark. His place is clean and very close to the club. Mark has a little Boston Terrier that had shaken its toys so violently for so many years it detached both retinas and it now partially blind. It still plays with toys.


Anonymous ricardo baca said...

you guys are way too fucking cool, and your travels sound kosher so far - may it continue. looking forward to having you in denver again - last time was gonzo, and involved a massive trash can. too, i hope you bring some of the voodoo you guys spread at sxsw this year - that was so, so righteous on the back porch of club deville.
btw, amanda, thanks for writing the rapsheet for the denver post. (it should run monday the 27th.) you and erick own, and i want to hear more about all this road-side weed gathering ...
see you soon.
ricardo baca
denver post pop music critic

1:26 PM  

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