Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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We wander around after we arrive. Erick and I go to Baab’s, the Seattle Coffee Roaster in the middle of downtown Fargo. While we drink our Americano's, we listen to a woman hiring a young fellow to be a model in her agency. She advises him about the difficulties of rejection, how to pick pictures for your portfolio, not to expect paying work for several months.

"Don't get discouraged, though! We collect our representation fee on the first of every month. There is no grace period for late payment."

Erick and I separate and I go sit on a bench. A large Hawaiian man runs over to me and sits down on the bench next to me. He is sweating bullets. I’m cold.

“Its hot as devil today!” he doesn’t use articles. I just nod. “You want to party?” he asks. “No.” I saw forcefully and go lock myself in the van. Paul walks up and the guy attacks him. Paul tells him that he’s already partied. Good strategy.

Erick and I are sitting in the Chinese restaurant in Fargo. We are listening to several conversations going on around us. There is a young couple on some sort of date. The guy is telling the girl how he believes that some people are biologically oriented toward having open sexual relationships and swinging. He is trying to convince this girl that it is almost like homosexuality. “You know, like gay people, that don’t choose that they are gay. I don’t choose that I need to sleep with multiple people.” Then we tune out for a minute and the next thing we hear is him say “some people are comparing it with rape,,,I tend to disagree.”

Two native American men, a father and son approach us and say “ Hey, are you guys in the apes? I saw your pictures in the paper.”

“ We are playing at the Moose Lodge tonight," we tell him.

“We’ll be there!”, he responds.

We go over to the moose lodge. On the second floor level, where the show is, people are spread out at white plastic picnic tables drinking beer out of frosty glass mugs. The opening bands are pretty awesome. My new friend who I met in Chicago, Sean, arrives and we chat for a while.

The show is awesome. People of all ages are dancing, cheering, and hollering. Our friend who counseled Erick last spring on the fungus of the mind has returned. He is wearing less coats. He doesn’t talk to us. He does smile at us though. Lots. I smile back. Just as much. This town rules. After we go to Sean’s house. I start eating and don’t stop till about 5:30 am. Sorry Sean!


Erick and I in the Fargo Chinese Buffet. Notice my hot zit from heavy doses of sunblock and lots of steamy van sweat. Also, the Fargo movie theater was about to have a grand re-opening, so for some reason, I shot a picture of the beautiful hanging signpost.


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