Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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The drive from Fargo to Billings is kind of awesome at parts but the heat gets brutal. I’m developing bizarre burns on my left arm from driving west with the window down. We get gas near Roosevelt national park. The rock formations are breathtaking. And then suddenly the Rockies appear. I love the desolation. I want to eat those roadside weeds.

When we finally get to Billings, we load in, eat big meals ( I haven’t eaten anything all day because of my night binge), and then I’m off to wander alone. I wander past the woman and children’s shelter, the casino, the bus depot, and 12 step meeting room. Everyone reeks of booze.

My friend Kelly calls. She complains about home. I whine about night bingeing.

Back at the club, we meet the guys from Grabass Charletons and the girls from Soviettes. Everyone is extremely nice. I get to borrow an 8 x 10 speaker cabinet from Grabass Charletons. This is pretty cool. People seem to love the show and then we enjoy the Soviettes. I drink red zinfandel. After the show, we go to stay with young Matt, one of the chefs. He has a nice clean apartment very close to the club. His roommate’s cousin Ryan, is sitting on the couch when we walk in. He is a man of few words. We all sleep very close together that night.

Next morning, we go get an oil change and go to the dollar store. I buy bungee cords that I never use. Paul gets gallons of water. Then we go to a grocery store. I used to think I like grocery stores better and I’ve changed my mind. They are a nightmare. I can’t buy the vegetables that I want because I have no way to wash the vegetables and prepare beautiful multi-colored salads. Instead I buy shitty gelatin filled yogurts. There is a shockingly thin anorexic girl walk out of the store and my band mates lovingly offer comparisons. Thanks, as always, for your support, fellers.


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